Reference Designs

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Reference designs showcase the capabilities of our full custom development flow.  Starting with a concept block diagram or objective specification, projects have been auto designed through Celera’s patented ‘Hopper’ flow.  Celera's examples include Power Management, Test and Measurement, Medical and Sensor applications.
Celera’s designs focus on reducing power consumption in battery applications. These are standard catalog parts that Celera has redesigned to dramatically increase efficiency. 
Test and Measurement
“Eat your own dog food”.  Celera is building a test hardware suite to dramatically improve how we test our own products.  Our evaluation kits will be delivered with an integrated test platform that allows you to easily characterize your product without a complex lab setup.
Power Management
Celera’s DNA. Our design team grew up with power conversion.  We are building a catalog of converter algorithms that are available to you and your custom PMIC design.
Our medical portfolio illustrates examples of how a custom ASIC addresses both technical and system cost challenges.  Celera can solve complex integration problems quickly and without large development budgets. The examples showcase an ultrasound stimulus generator, plus a corresponding complete signal processing and data acquisition system.